Buying A Car From Outside California


Information For Out-Of-State Car Buyers
Gilroy Toyota is honored to serve many customers who purchase vehicles from us but live outside California. Motorists making this type of out-of-state purchase have some special requirements to consider. Here, we'll review some of the procedures required for buying a car for out-of-state use.

There are two delivery methods for this type of car purchase that out-of-state buyers can consider:

Delivery At Gilroy Toyota: You Pay California Sales Tax
The first method, where you pick up your new vehicle at our Gilroy, CA, Toyota dealership and drive it back to your home state, requires that you pay California sales tax. The purchase and delivery method works well if your home state recognizes your California tax payment and only requires you to pay any difference. We do not provide information regarding sales tax requirements in other states. We recommend that you see your state's tax requirement on the state's DMV website or contact relevant local tax resources to determine your responsibilities should you go this delivery route.

If you take delivery of your next car at our dealership location, you must pay California state tax. We will provide you a one-way trip sticker that allows you to go straight from our dealership to your home state, which alleviates paying for registration locally at the time of delivery. Remember, in this scenario, you must pay local taxes here in Gilroy, CA, then pay any required taxes in your state.

There is a special condition of the title for out-of-state deliveries, described below.

Delivery Outside Of California: You Don't Pay California Sales Tax
If you don't want to pay California sales tax, then you must take delivery of your vehicle outside the state of California. This requires that you ship the car from Gilroy Toyota out of the state via a delivery or transport service. Then, you'll have an official of your state's DMV acknowledge that this delivery took place so that you will only be responsible for your home state's sales tax requirements.

Required Documents

1. Statement of Delivery Outside of California form. You must have this form notarized. We also require a copy of this form.
2. Copy of the Bill of Lading from the transport company. If you are arranging the delivery of your car outside the state of California, we require a copy of the bill of lading showing the vehicle's pickup location (typically Gilroy Toyota) and delivery city.
Please note the special condition of the title for out-of-state deliveries described below.

Considerations Regarding The Title

You will need the vehicle title to register the car in your state. We cannot provide the title until we receive payment for the vehicle.

Foreign Business Professionals
The team at Gilroy Toyota has the pleasure of working with many foreign business professionals, thanks to our location near the center of Silicon Valley. If you are a foreign worker residing in the area and looking to purchase a vehicle at our Gilroy, CA, auto dealership, please see the below list of the items we will need to process your application:

  • Credit application
  • Copy of Social Security Card
  • Copy of Passport
  • Copy of your Visa
  • Copy of your Employment Authorization Card
  • Copy of your I-797 Petition from your employer
  • Copy of your I-94
  • Signed employment authorization form provided by us (for Toyota Financial Services)
  • Your job offer letter
  • A copy of your most recent pay stub
  • Proof of your residency, (copy of phone or utility bill)
The information provided is intended for informational purposes only. It is not intended to be exhaustive or advice about California's or any other state's sales tax or vehicle registration laws. We provide this information as a courtesy so you may consider these factors when purchasing a vehicle for out-of-state delivery or as a foreign business professional.